School Meals

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to ensure they get a balanced diet. Research shows children perform better at school if they are properly fed and are healthier and stronger.

The academy promotes a healthy eating policy.  A hot meal is available each day and usually includes fresh fruit and salads.  There is always a vegetarian option on the menu. Water is freely available on the tables.  Dinners cost £2.30 each. 


Parents must pre-order a meal through iPAL. Please use this guide. GUIDE. 


September 2020 Menu 



Good eating habits learned in early life will see a child throughout their learning and into adulthood.  School meals can really help parents serve up a healthy balanced diet.

We operate a Pre-Pay system for school lunches.  Every family has a iPAL account, which is secure and private.  The account needs to be kept in credit by the parent/carer and lunches need to be booked for your child(ren) in advance online. 

Dinners can be booked daily (up to 9:00am), weekly, monthly or half termly providing sufficient funds are in the account.

Parents can log on and check their balance at any time.

Should you have any problems with this please e-mail Ania.O' or contact the school office.

Please inform the Cook/School if your child has any special dietary requirements.

Is your child entitled to a free school meal?  For more information please call: 01952 387 827

Or pick up an application form the school office.